Case Report

A rare and life-threatening but treatable cause of intractable vomiting: A case report on superior mesenteric artery syndrome


  • Alvin Oliver Payus
  • Muhammad Firdaus Abdul Rahim
  • Rabani Remli

Received Date: 28.01.2018 Accepted Date: 10.05.2019 Gulhane Med J 2019;61(4):186-188

Superior mesenteric artery (SMA) syndrome is a rare cause of gastro-duodenal obstruction which results from aortomesenteric space narrowing that lead to duodenal compression. This gastro-vascular condition is highly morbid, but yet potentially treatable if the appropriate treatment initiated on time. Here, we report a case of SMA syndrome that present with intractable vomiting and severe electrolytes imbalance. Despite having stormy presentation, the patient improved after aggressive resuscitations and supportive management. The objective of this case report is to share the uncommon occurrence of SMA syndrome, and to enlighten that although fatal, it is potentially treatable with aggressive supportive management.

Keywords: Superior mesenteric artery syndrome, duodenal obstruction, vomiting, electrolytes imbalance.