Case Report

A case report of diffuse lip swelling: Our approach to diagnosis and management


  • Preethi Poonja
  • Atul Sattur
  • Krishna Burde
  • Kaverı Hallikeri

Received Date: 18.07.2018 Accepted Date: 24.07.2018 Gulhane Med J 2018;60(3):112-115

Lip swellings may present as a common finding in clinical practice, and the causative factors could include a variety of local and systemic factors. Here we report a case of recurrent lip swelling in a 48-year-old male patient of Indian origin with no specific etiology or signs. The patient underwent a detailed investigation, and the diagnosis was made as ‘’cheilitis glandularis-CG’’ on histopathological examination. CG is a rare disorder characterized by hyperplasia of the labial mucous glands and heterotopic mixed salivary glands as well as ectasia of glandular ducts. The patient was treated successfully with oral and topical corticosteroid with satisfactory improvement. The present case may provide an insight to the clinicians for a collaborative approach in the diagnosis of lip swelling and its management.

Keywords: Lip swellings, cheilitis, steroids, minor salivary gland disorders