Case Report

A case of idiopathic occipital epilepsy presenting with acute transient visual loss

  • Bülent Ünay
  • Bülent Hacıhamdioğlu
  • Rıdvan Akın
  • Okan Özcan

Received Date: 07.02.2007 Accepted Date: 20.03.2007 Gulhane Med J 2007;49(4):268-270

Acute visual loss is a symptom not frequently observed in childhood. In differential diagnosis serious disorders such as multiple sclerosis and occipital metastatic disease should be considered in addition to treatable diseases such as migraine, occipital epilepsy and hypoglycemia. A 7-year-old boy admitted with acute transient visual loss and diagnosed to have idiopathic occipital epilepsy is presented herein.

Keywords: Acute transient visual loss, occipital epilepsy