GULHANE MEDICAL JOURNAL 2003 , Vol 45 , Issue 3
The Evaluation of Oral Health of Children Attending the School of Handicapped Children
Dr. Dt. Faik ÇOKPEKİN, Dr. Dt. Günseli KÖYMEN, Dr. Dt. Feridun BAŞAK, Dr. Dt. Erman AKBULUT, Dt. Ceyhan ALTUN
GATA Dişhekimliği Bilimleri Merkezi Pedodonti A.D. The purpose of this study was to determine prevalence of dental caries, dmf-t and DMF-T indexes and oral hygiene status of 87 handicapped children attending a special school for handicapped children. The examination was carried out by using a mouth mirror and a probe in daylight. Oral cleanness was assessed by visually evaluating the presence of plaque on teeth. The caries status was recorded using DMF-T and dmf-t indices. The type of handicapping condition had a significant effect on oral cleanness levels (those children with autism having the best levels whereas cerebral palsy (CP) having the poorest levels of oral hygiene). Children divided into three groups as 0-6, 7-11 and 12+ ages for caries examination.The mean dmf-t and DMF-T score was 2.55 for 0-6 ages, 2.01 for 7-11 ages and 1.63 for 12+ ages. 42% of children were free of caries of fillings. No significant differences were found among groups of handicapped children in their dmf-t and DMF-T levels. Keywords : Handicapped Children, Oral Health