GULHANE MEDICAL JOURNAL 2005 , Vol 47 , Issue 4
Heterotopic gastric mucosa in the upper esophagus: a case report
Öner Menteş1, Atilla Bektaş2, Sevgen Çelik Önder3, Hakan Akıncı1, Ömer Özgül1, Mustafa Özdemir1
1Etimesgut Hava Hast. Genel Cerrahi Servisi
2Etimesgut Hava Hast. Gastroenteroloji Servisi
3Etimesgut Hava Hast. Patoloji Servisi
Heterotopic gastric mucosa located in the cervical esophagus is a congenital anomaly. Symptoms and morphologic changes are associated with the destruction of acid secreted by the heterotopic gastric mucosa. Malignant transformation and adenocarcinogenesis may also develop in these foci. In this case report we present a patient who initially could not be diagnosed despite two trials of upper gasrointestinal endoscopy, and however later diagnosed to have heterotopic gastric mucosa at cervical esophagus on intense investigation following his persistent complaints. Keywords : Gastric heterotopia, heterotopic gastric mucosa, cervical esophagus