GULHANE MEDICAL JOURNAL 2003 , Vol 45 , Issue 2
Determining the Ethical Approaches of Operating Room Nurses of Ethical Problems
Yük.Hem. Özlem ASLAN1, Yük.Hem. Huriye VURAL1, Yük.Hem. Pınar Yeşim AVCI2
1GATA H.Y.O. Hemşirelik Esasları BD.
2GATA Anesteziyoloji ve Reanimasyon AD.
This research aimed to determine the approaches of operating room nurses' on ethical problems. It was planned as descriptive. The population of this research was the nurses working in Anesthesiology and Reanimation Department of Gulhane Military Medical Academy Hospital (N=39). All the nurses who were volunteers to participate in were included in this research(n=27). A questionaire form prepared by the researcher were used to collect the data. In the first part of this form there was the demographic data of nurses. In the second part of it, four case studies were available. Nurses were asked for writing their suggestions on solutions of these cases. According to the results, it was found that operating room nurses respectively used these opportunities to analyze the cases: "Ethical principals,” "Discussing With the Members of Health Care Team", "Nursing Responsibilities", "Professional Knowledge", "Professional Experiences", "Laws and Regulations", "Patient Rights", "Nurse Rights". The nurses also utilized the "Fidelity", "Nonmaleficance", "Dignity for Individual" principals respectively. Keywords : Perioperative Nurse, Operating Room Nurse, Ethical Principle, Ethical Decision Making Process