GULHANE MEDICAL JOURNAL 2008 , Vol 50 , Issue 1
Pulmonary sequestration: four young adults operated for bronchiectasis
Rauf Görür1, Akın Yıldızhan1, Nurettin Yiyit1, Fatih Candaş1, Ali Kutlu2, Habil Tunç1, Turgut Işıtmangil1
1GATA Haydarpaşa Eğitim Hastanesi Göğüs Cerrahisi Servisi, İstanbul
2GATA Haydarpaşa Eğitim Hastanesi Allerji Servisi, İstanbul
Pulmonary sequestration is a congenital malformation characterized with the presence of a lung tissue not functioning normally and separated from the normal lung. It is nourished by systemic circulation and the venous drainage may be via the pulmonary system, azygos vein or portal system. There are two forms described; intralobar pulmonary sequestration and extralobar pulmonary sequestration. Bronchiectasis may develop around the sequestrated tissue due to relapsing infections. We aimed to present 4 adult patients in whom we performed surgery because of pulmonary sequestration. Keywords : Bronchiectasis, congenital sequestration, thoracotomy