GULHANE MEDICAL JOURNAL 2003 , Vol 45 , Issue 1
The Prevalence and the Affecting Factors of Smoking Among a Group of Soldiers in Ankara and Istanbul
Dr. Bilal BAKIR1, Dr. Mahir GÜLEÇ1, Dr. Nazmi TÜMERDEM1, Dr. Mustafa ÖZER2, Dr. Selim KILIÇ1, Dr. Metin HASDE1
1Gülhane Askeri Tıp Akademisi Halk Sağlığı Anabilim Dalı
2TSK Sağlık Komutanlığı
This cross-sectional survey which was achieved among 1129 soldiers -selected by systematic sampling- in order to determine the prevalence of and factors affecting the cigarette smoking. Data were gathered by face to face questionnaires and it was found that the prevalence of cigarette smoking was 69,6%. It has been seen that the increase in education level of the soldier, the education level of the soldier's mother, the education level of the soldier's father and socio-economic level have been associated with increase in cigarette smoking. Besides, size of the living place and surrounding friends have been found to be risk factors for cigarette smoking. Meanwhile, sort of family, marital status and income have not been determined as risk factors. As a result, it has been found that the activities against cigarette smoking should be performed in earlier school times. Keywords : Cigarette Smoking, Military Service