GULHANE MEDICAL JOURNAL 2002 , Vol 44 , Issue 4
Changes of Electroencephalogram in Young Adults with Bronchial Asthma
Dr. Zafer KARTALOĞLU1, Dr. Ahmet İLVAN1, Dr. Mehmet SARAÇOĞLU2, Dr. Oğuzhan OKUTAN1, Dr. Recep AYDİLEK3, Dr. Nevzat AKYATAN2
1GATA Haydarpaşa Eğt.Hst. Göğüs Hst. Servisi
2GATA Haydarpaşa Eğt.Hst. Nöroloji Servisi
3Memorial Hospital Allerji Kliniği
Central nervous system is one of the major tissues that are affected by the hypoxemia during acute asthmatic attack. Electroencephalograms (EEG) were recorded in 16 young adults with bronchial asthma. No case had hypoxemia (PaO2>70 mmHg) or acute attack of asthma. Eight cases (50%) demonstrated pathological EEG recording. Of these, 4 cases had generally low amplitude and other 4 cases had different pathological EEG recordings. It was observed significant relationship between pathological EEG recordings and severity of bronchial asthma. Keywords : Bronchial Asthma, Hypoxemia, Electroencephalogram